Pinning Dress

I found the most perfect pinning dress!! I ordered it from Advanced Healthcare Shop after one of my classmates showed me her dress. Women have such a hard time finding a perfect dress to fit our curvy bodies much less those horrid nursing dresses-it is insane. I tried on about 10 dresses in the uniform store and I either looked like an old lady or as one of my classmates said so sweetly to me..."a stuffed sausage"-thanks. Anyways, so I took the plunge and ordered the dress online. It is a mock wrap dress that has a belt so I can adjust the dress to my liking. When I finally got my dress in the mail I was so excited (and scared) to see if it would fit. Let's just say I danced around for about 5 minutes because it is perfect! And I got the dress for way cheaper than my classmate too..$19.99 before tax and shipping of course. I am so ready to wear that dress...all I need are some new Dansko's and stockings then I will be in business.
Are any of you graduating soon and have found the perfect pinning dress? Or maybe still looking for the perfect one? Share it with me below!

Positivity Beckons Positivity,

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  1. I'm still looking, as you know! You must show us a picture when you're all made up, I can't wait for either of us to graduate! So exciting.