I passed NCLEX Video

Just wanted to post my video of my joy from passing NCLEX! Enjoy!

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That test was HARD, CONFUSING, and just plain INSANE! There is absolutely no way to study for that test. It is such a random test that it may just test you in an area where you are weak in. I don't want to scare any of you but this was just my experience. NCLEX is all about test taking techniques and skills, to pick the BEST ANSWER. If you remember that, you will do GREAT!

I took the test on January 26 at 8:00am. I had 91 questions and the computer screen turned blue. I sat there in SHOCK. Like frozen in time, staring at this blue screen for at least 30 seconds. The worst thing is that you WILL leave there feeling like you failed.

When I got home, I tried to Pearson VUE Trick (PVT). I got the good pop up where it didn't allow me to re-register and I was so happy! I was screaming!!! If you don't know what the PVT is check out www.allnurses.com. There are a lot of posts about it. It basically means that you have passed NCLEX!!!

So when I paid for quick results this morning I was confident I was going to see PASS!

I plan on doing a lot more posts now that I am not studying every second of the day, lol. If anyone has any ideas or requests for any posts, don't hesitate to ask below! Talk to you all soon!

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Scope of Practice

Today a post on Twitter caught my attention.
It is about an Arizona registered nurse who educated a patient about his/her surgery using the hospital provided pamphlets and also educated the patient on hospice. The doctor taking care of the patient became enraged when he/she found out about what the nurse did. Although the nurse documented and also SBAR'ed the oncoming nurse about the patients misunderstanding about the procedure, the nurse was seen as being in the wrong. The doctor wanted the nurse to be fired and her license to be revoked, the doctor got his way. She is due to stand in front of the board of nursing in February.
What is interesting to me is that according to the nurse, the hospital didn't contact the ethics committee and she acted within her scope of practice; the hospital, and even her nurse manager, still wasn't on her side. No one stood beside this nurse. 
I have learned in school that as future nurses we have to advocate for the patients and ourselves. We also have to be a part of nursing organizations in case of situations like this arises. As most of us are getting closer to graduating and even taking NCLEX, you have to be aware of your hospital's policy's and procedures. KNOW your scope of practice in your residing state and KNOW the ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses like the back of your hand. 
I still need to know all the facts to this case because things like this hardly happens, especially if we belong to a professional nursing organization.  
Read the post http://vdutton.posterous.com/ and comment below with your thoughts. 

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If anyone knows anything about anything, you know what ATT means. Authorization to Test. I got mine AND a date for NCLEX today. I will not share my test date because I am WAY too paranoid. lol

But lets just say when I got the ATT, I nearly passed out. Like seriously, all the blood rushed to my toes. I couldn't remember the year of my birthday date when I was signing in. It was terrible. And even worse I started to hyperventilate while making a date and I started crying. It was horrible guys.

Anyways, I was already planning on doing a post on a NCLEX review software that I have been using
, before I received the life changing information, lol.

So as you know, I have been putting in some hard hours into my NCLEX review and I have been using all resources available to me. 
Being that I am a NSNA member, I saw a discount on a review software that I saw while reading their magazine. The product is Delmar's NCLEX-RN Review Online with CAT Logic (Computer Adaptive Testing). It is an amazing product. How it works is that it simulates the way NLCEX is prepared with 5000 questions and full length mock exams, that will cut off at a point where it feels you proved your knowledge base. You can do a lot practice exams and it has great rationals to the answers. What is also amazing is that the product  has a section where you can review information on topics ranging from med surg to maternity.
As I mentioned before I am a NSNA member so I received a discount on the product but if you are interested in checking out the product and/or are a NSNA member here is the link www.cengagebrain.com

Enjoy and Good luck!

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Change for the Better

Do you ever feel like just sitting around doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING? This girl does, but I HAVE to get out of my lazy/procrastinating behaviors. So I think this will be a change for me in 2012 and beyond. Because wow, I can waste a whole day, EASY. And just remember there are 24 hours in one day. 
Anyways, I bought a weekly/monthly calender that has the times from 8am-5pm written in so I can plan my day, I think if I have tasks written down, I am more likely to complete them, AKA accountability. 
The is the exact one I bought
Think about your time wasters, do first things first, and get up and get moving! Okay back to NCLEX prep! Have a great day ya'll!

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Happy New Year!

So 2011 is gone and we make way for 2012. I hope everyone had a safe and fun NYE night. I had a great time with my fiance, we ate sushi and we watched Dick Clark's NYE show, counting down the ball drop. I achieved one of my major goals by graduating from nursing school in 2011 and I am looking forward to my blessings in 2012. Good luck to everyone, stay focused, and remember you can achieve anything with perseverance. 

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