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So yesterday was my first day on PCU (progressive care unit) for my preceptorship. I was so excited to experience feeling like a nurse and not having my professor marking my every step. It was even better not having to do any care plans at the end of the day :)

My day started at 6:45am, dark and early. My preceptor and I hit the ground running. Her case load included five patients and she gave me two of her patients to do assessments, chart and to give medication on. I was so nervous and I have no idea why. But I loved every second of it. 

My day included, giving medications, removing foleys and IV's, and doing discharge teaching on CHF on one of my patients. 

The only dislike I have is that nurses spend so much time charting on the computer that it hardly gives us any time to spend time with the patient. As a future nurse, I would like to find a way to give the patient more of my time and not the computer screen.

My day ended at 7:30pm, I gave report on my patient to the on-coming nurse, according to SBAR (situation, background, assessment, recommendation), I was feeling like a nurse already. All in all it was a great day. 

Positivity Beckons Positivity,

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