Cover letters, Resumes, Job recruiters, OH MY!

The other day, my teacher set an entire day of class time for preparation to help my class apply for jobs. First on the list was the Associate Dean of Student Affairs, who also doubles as the career services person. She gave us hints and tips on how to write a cover letter and a resume. We then had two representatives from a local hospital come and speak to us. They told us how to apply for the graduate nurse positions on the website and they told us what NOT to do in an interview.

Can you believe that someone actually came to an interview in daisy dukes and light up flip flops!? lol And someone else said their reason for doing nursing was that they couldn't get into medical school!? These people really didn't want a job!

I am a certified nurses aide so I have been on numerous interviews with hospitals, so all the information I heard wasn't new to me at all, but it was great to get a refresher. I have been giving my resume and my cover letter a face lift so I am really excited to start applying to graduate nursing positions. Wish me luck!

Has anyone started applying to positions or started a job search yet? Share it with me below!

Positivity Beckons Positivity,

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