My whole class was sent to Greenville, SC for three days to do a live ATI NCLEX review. It was a great overview and refresher of all the information you learn in nursing school. We learned funny dances and sayings to help us during NCLEX. I can see it now....everyone looking at me weird because I am dancing in my seat ha.

So today I had my ATI predictor test. This is basically a test that gives you a percentage on your likeliness of passing NCLEX on the first try. Guess what I got? A 98%!!! It was a 78 score but a 98% chance I will be kicking a** the first try on NCLEX. My whole class did really good too, so proud of all of us :)

This has given me the inspiration and push to finish up strong in school. More than anything I have more confidence about NCLEX.

Positivity Beckons Positivity,

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