Look in the Room

So at work other night I was taking care of a little boy that had pneumonia. I was particularly nervous of caring for this little boy because his history entailed being intubated and he was shipped off to another hospital.
The patient had a pulse oximeter on his foot so it could measure the percentage of oxygen saturation in his blood. The percentage needs to be above 90% but above 95% is even better. If the percentage drops below the set number the machine will alarm. 
The night was progressing smoothly and all of a sudden I realized his sats was not staying above the set number, which was 94%. It kept on dropping. He had on 1 liter of oxygen and the probe was securely affixed to his foot. Well long story short, I started to freak out. I wondered why his sats kept dropping although he was asleep, he wasn't in any signs of distress and he had his oxygen on. 
After about 1 min of staring at the patient and the machine, I decided to call respiratory. While I was waiting for respiratory to show up I stood in the room just in case something changed. As I started to get more worried, something told me to look at the oxygen line and the connection to the wall. To my surprise the line was attached to the oxygen port, but the oxygen HAD TURNED ITSELF OFF!!!! When I turned the oxygen back up to 1 liter, his sats went up to 99-100% OMG. I was dumbfounded and happy at the same time to know the patient was alright. When respiratory therapy FINALLY showed up, I told her what happened and she told me that the pressure may turn the oxygen off sometimes. Lets just say I had a good laugh about that.
Now if this doesn't teach you to always survey the environment, the whole room, I don't know what will. Listen to your instincts and that gut feeling, it may just help you and save your patient.



Being a nurse requires you to stand on your feet for hours on end, it also requires a shoe that would support you from the feet up. Luckily I have found that shoe, Dansko
I injured my foot 6 years ago and since then I have been looking for a shoe that would provide me with support throughout the work day and prevent my foot from swelling and hurting. My classmate introduced me to Dansko and I fell in love with them. I didn't know that these shoes would be a life saver. They cost over $100 depending on the style and color you prefer. Yes, they may be pricey but the comfort and the lifetime of these shoes pay off.
Today I was browsing the Dansko site and I saw these shoes, the Pixie from the Avalon Collection.
Source: www.dansko.com
And of course since my name is Avalon so I am partial and very biased about these shoes *lol* I think they are so cute and different. They also came out with Professional XP. This shoe would provide more support and has memory foam compared to the original Professional collection. I will be buying these shoes when my current pair wears out. 
I don't see myself buying any other brand of nursing shoe in my whole nursing career. What are your favorite nursing shoes?