What is a Student Nurse?

I found this poem today in the midst of some papers I had stacked away. I have had it for a few years and I thought I would share it with you all today.


Student nurses are one of the nicest things that can happen to
a hospital.

They come in all sizes, shapes, uniforms, and caps.

They show up everywhere- in wards, in utility rooms, at chart
desks and in classrooms.

Doctors yell at them; interns tolerate them; residents overlook
them; mothers worry about them.

A student nurse is courage under a cap, ambition in a crispy
starched uniform, energy in a person.

She’s a dedicated heart, a cheerful smile, a comforting voice.

A student nurse likes days off, mealtime, her significant others,
          pediatrics,certain doctors, pretty clothes, and yes her nursing

She doesn’t care much for alarm clocks, getting up for roll
calls, making beds, or walking long halls.

 A student nurse is a wonderful person. No one else gets so much
 pleasure from adjusting a bed or fluffing a pillow.

No one else gets such satisfaction from changing a bandage or
 holding a cool drink to dry lips.

You can criticize her but you cannot dishearten her.

You can hurt her feelings but you cannot make her quit.

Her hours are long, her studies are difficult, but she is a hard
working woman, full of determination.

And she looks forward to that wonderful day when she can
proudly say – “I’m a nurse.”

-Author and source unknown


Positivity Beckons Positivity,


Don't stop, Don't give up!

My class is so overwhelmed this quarter even though it is the second week of school. But my teacher chose to show this video to give us some inspiration. Today was our first leadership exam and she played it right before we took the test. I can say it gave me the drive to "Don't stop, Don't give up!" What do you do for inspiration?

                                  (Source: Youtube)

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I just wanted to show you guys the fun shirts I got at the SNA convention! Different schools, including my school, brought shirts to the convention that they designed to sell to raise money for their respective SNA's. Of course, I spent money I didn't have, like I always do, lol. Enjoy!

This is my schools design

This shirt was free from Kaplan, I may just wear it for exams, lol

The front 

The back
I just HAD to get this shirt! So funny.

The front

The back 

(Photo Credits –Avalon)

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Tomorrow I am attending my states National Student Nurse's Association Convention. I am so excited to attend because they are also offering a mini NCLEX review. I need all the NCLEX review I can get! They also will be having employers from hospitals, which is a great opportunity to start networking and putting my name out there.

It is always a great thing to be part of a nursing organization, not only just for being a student, but also for when you graduate. On your resume it looks really good to employers that you participated in extracurricular activities and it sets you aside from the rest. I am on the board of my SNA (Student Nursing Association), as Vice President II and I love it. 

Are any of you affiliated with your schools SNA? Or are you on the board? 

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The First day of the Last quarter

*YAWN* I am exhausted!! The first day of the start of any quarter of nursing school is always so exhausting and overwhelming. I get these weird feelings of doubt and fear, that take over my very being, subsequently making me want to scream my head off in the middle of class. Was that too harsh, lol?

But either way, we had Transition into Professional Nursing, which is also called Leadership. The main theme of today's class was that to be a great LEADER you have to be a great FOLLOWER. Interesting, huh? And the second class was Caring for Diverse & Vulnerable Populations II. This is a community class, where we basically go into the community to learn and understand the role of the community health nurse. This quarter we are going to the Free Medical Clinic.

I am pretty sure like every quarter before, those feelings of impending doom will eventually subside lol. One day down, 11 weeks to go :).

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What is in my Bag?

Check out this video! What I carry in my nursing clinical bag and also some helpful tips on how to be prepared for clinical the next day.


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