Since I have started my preceptorship, I have seen a lot of wrong and good things. Sadly it has been more the wrong than the good. 

We all learned in school to be culturally sensitive and to be nonjudgmental towards our patients. I have always been this way in my whole life, I was brought up that way. So for me being unbiased won't be very hard. 

I am worried that as nurses get older and seasoned, they loose that fundamental behavior. Nurses should always know and recognize their own stance on issues but never try to impose those views on patients. I believe in treating patients as we would treat our own family, no matter what. 

I hope as a future registered nurse, I will be able to remind my co-workers in an effective way, that we cannot treat our patients in a bad way just because they may be a pregnant teenager or because they do drugs. We have to treat everyone with a unbiased attitude, respect and be professionals every day.  

Positivity Beckons Positivity,

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