My First Week at Work

Well I made it through my first week as an RN!!
I have learned a lot and I have to say it was very eventful, to say the least. I have a great preceptor and she is very supportive and understanding that I am all new to all of this. This week I was in the newborn nursery. I was nervous to take of newborn babies, but I just tried to remember how I did things when I was in clinical in school. They do things a little differnet to what I did in clinical but it is still very similar. I am catching on to a lot of things and learning how to use my "nurse's intuition". One baby nearly crashed, he was turning blue, grunting, nasal flaring and retracting and I caught it and told my preceptor. Thankfully all he needed was some chest percussion because he had some residual amniotic fluid in his lungs. 
But the most eventful day was the day I passed out. Yes. I PASSED OUT!! lol. I was watching a circumcision and I have seen them done in the past, so this wasn't my first at all. But if you havent seen one, it is a very overwhelming procedure. The room was getting hot since it had three people in there and the proceudral light was on. All I remember is feeling hot, not being able to see and telling my nurse I needed a drink of water, then I opened my eyes and I was on the floor. Everyone kept asking me if I ate breakfast, and I sure did. This isn't my first time passing out and I make sure and I eat before I get to work.
Thankfully the procedure was all done and the doctor caught me. Everyone was really supportive and nice about what happened, even though the nursery was so busy. 
So now everyone knows me as the new nurse that passed out....ugh, lol.

But I am excited about the upcoming weeks. I will be moved to different areas with different preceptors and hopefully they are as nice as the one I had this past week. 

Thank you for reading!

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