Be Careful What You Wish For

These past two weeks of orientation have been interesting. I oriented on the Pediatric floor my second week and I can really say that I enjoyed it. Working with children is interesting, you need to have a type of approach to allow the children to trust you. Another thing is that Pediatrics is really about dealing with the parents of the children. The parents can range from being uber supportive to being very defensive and thinking that everything you do the child is hurting them. Of course as a parent you wouldn't want your child in pain but I guess in a stressful situation it is hard for the parents to see that you are only trying to help their child get better. I have perfected a "poker face" when I am either shocked, mad, or annoyed with patients/family that are like that, it is a skill I should start writing on resumes lol. 

My third week, I was on the Womens floor, which consists of post partum, hysterectomies and general women care. But first let me say something. The weekend prior to the start of that week I complained that I didn't feel like a nurse. I felt like I wasn't giving medications enough or thinking critically enough. But this week gave all it to me. I was running around like a chicken with it's neck cut off, but I enjoyed every second of it! It felt like I learned more than I did when I was in nursing school in this one week. I was so tired by Friday but it was rewarding.
I have been having a great experience so far because my coworkers are just so sweet and supportive. What a great environment to be in as a new grad!

Thank you for reading!

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