I wanted to help out you guys that are preparing to sit for NCLEX very soon. Do you know the steps to registering? I am glad to share the steps, just in case you are confused on how to go about registering. 
******Remember each state is different in their requirements so make sure you read all the information thoroughly.*******

The Process:
  1. Register with your State's Board of Nursing (BON): You will need to pay for a few things. Upfront you will have to pay $100 to register. A criminal background check that may cost any where from $60-75. You then need to register for fingerprinting. Depending on your states requirements you will need to send in your transcript and/or a 4x4 (passport) picture.
  2. Register on Pearson-Vue: Here you will have to pay $200.
  3. Receive your Acknowledgement of Registration.
  4. Wait for your Authorization to Test (ATT): This ONLY happens when you are cleared by the BON. In other words the BON has received all the information they required.  When you receive this information, you are now allowed to schedule a date and time to sit for NCLEX.
It is that easy!!! If you have anymore concerns you can always log onto www.ncsbn.org and there is a ton of information there for students. 

Good luck!

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