Scope of Practice

Today a post on Twitter caught my attention.
It is about an Arizona registered nurse who educated a patient about his/her surgery using the hospital provided pamphlets and also educated the patient on hospice. The doctor taking care of the patient became enraged when he/she found out about what the nurse did. Although the nurse documented and also SBAR'ed the oncoming nurse about the patients misunderstanding about the procedure, the nurse was seen as being in the wrong. The doctor wanted the nurse to be fired and her license to be revoked, the doctor got his way. She is due to stand in front of the board of nursing in February.
What is interesting to me is that according to the nurse, the hospital didn't contact the ethics committee and she acted within her scope of practice; the hospital, and even her nurse manager, still wasn't on her side. No one stood beside this nurse. 
I have learned in school that as future nurses we have to advocate for the patients and ourselves. We also have to be a part of nursing organizations in case of situations like this arises. As most of us are getting closer to graduating and even taking NCLEX, you have to be aware of your hospital's policy's and procedures. KNOW your scope of practice in your residing state and KNOW the ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses like the back of your hand. 
I still need to know all the facts to this case because things like this hardly happens, especially if we belong to a professional nursing organization.  
Read the post http://vdutton.posterous.com/ and comment below with your thoughts. 

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