If anyone knows anything about anything, you know what ATT means. Authorization to Test. I got mine AND a date for NCLEX today. I will not share my test date because I am WAY too paranoid. lol

But lets just say when I got the ATT, I nearly passed out. Like seriously, all the blood rushed to my toes. I couldn't remember the year of my birthday date when I was signing in. It was terrible. And even worse I started to hyperventilate while making a date and I started crying. It was horrible guys.

Anyways, I was already planning on doing a post on a NCLEX review software that I have been using
, before I received the life changing information, lol.

So as you know, I have been putting in some hard hours into my NCLEX review and I have been using all resources available to me. 
Being that I am a NSNA member, I saw a discount on a review software that I saw while reading their magazine. The product is Delmar's NCLEX-RN Review Online with CAT Logic (Computer Adaptive Testing). It is an amazing product. How it works is that it simulates the way NLCEX is prepared with 5000 questions and full length mock exams, that will cut off at a point where it feels you proved your knowledge base. You can do a lot practice exams and it has great rationals to the answers. What is also amazing is that the product  has a section where you can review information on topics ranging from med surg to maternity.
As I mentioned before I am a NSNA member so I received a discount on the product but if you are interested in checking out the product and/or are a NSNA member here is the link www.cengagebrain.com

Enjoy and Good luck!

Positivity Beckons Positivity

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