The First day of the Last quarter

*YAWN* I am exhausted!! The first day of the start of any quarter of nursing school is always so exhausting and overwhelming. I get these weird feelings of doubt and fear, that take over my very being, subsequently making me want to scream my head off in the middle of class. Was that too harsh, lol?

But either way, we had Transition into Professional Nursing, which is also called Leadership. The main theme of today's class was that to be a great LEADER you have to be a great FOLLOWER. Interesting, huh? And the second class was Caring for Diverse & Vulnerable Populations II. This is a community class, where we basically go into the community to learn and understand the role of the community health nurse. This quarter we are going to the Free Medical Clinic.

I am pretty sure like every quarter before, those feelings of impending doom will eventually subside lol. One day down, 11 weeks to go :).

Positivity Beckons Positivity,

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