UUUUGGGHHHH, already?!

Okay, so yesterday my leadership teacher wanted to "meet with us before class started". Mind you class starts on Monday, but she had "so many things to tell us". I just wanted to scream, "I am not ready to get bombarded yet!!".

So I dragged myself off the couch and drove up to my school. It was bittersweet, to the say the least, to see my classmates before the start of classes but that is nursing school for you. I define my class as a dysfunctional family.

So one of the biggest changes presented to us, was that one of the classes that was supposed to be given a grade, is now a "pass or fail" class. Okay, really? So instead of us having three chances to get a grade and getting it averaged into our GPA, we now only have two chances. NOT COOL.
Other changes included, not having multiple papers but having one major research project on educating patients who have hypertension (not so bad). Each one of my classmates have a different role in the research and my role is, *drumroll please* RESEARCH! I will be doing database searches on hypertension education. I am actually really excited about this project because we have a chance to make an impact and cause a change.

Also, most nursing schools utilize ATI. If you don't know what ATI is, it is basically a testing site, where you can do practice exams on areas of nursing such as med surg, peds and psych. There are also proctored exams we take under the supervision of a teacher. During my break I have been working on practice tests on areas where I am weaker in. We will be continuously working intensively on ATI during our last quarter, much more than previous quarters. NCLEX is right around the quarter for me, so the sooner I start brushing up on my weaker areas the more confident I will be by the time the state boards comes along.

So yea, there goes the last few days my vacation.

Positivity Beckons Positivity,

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