The Schematics

Let me tell you all about the nursing program I'm a part of. It's a 20 month, accelerated BSN, program with seven-11 week quarters. I have to say, it does go super fast, hence the term "accelerated". I started in April of 2010 and I will be finished in December of 2011! 

We started with about 32 students and we're now at 8 students. It has been an emotional ride (and still is) with the loss of 24 students and the constant fear of doing horrendously on exams. But, besides all of that, I've enjoyed all my clinical experiences from fundamentals to psychology.

I am so proud of myself and happy that God has blessed me to make it to this point. I am so excited to start my last quarter and to experience all that it has to offer. I hope you join me on this emotional and exhilarating journey of completing nursing school. 

Positivity Beckons Positivity, 

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