What Makes A Good Scrub?

We all know that a well fitting scrub is key when working a long shift. As nurses, we want to look professional and feel good at the same time. 
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                               Factors That Make a Good Medical Scrub Great
                Nursing is a job that requires strength, intelligence, and stamina, but most nurses are girls at heart, and enjoy fashionable nursing scrubs. A well-fitting scrub is nice, but when choosing a medical scrub there are many factors to consider that will affect how well the scrub performs on a daily basis.    
                Moisture Wicking
                Nurses do lots of physical work as part of the job description, and scrubs that become sweaty are itchy, uncomfortable, and could put any nurse in a bad mood. Many medical scrubs are made out of moisture wicking fabrics, which have technology that removes moisture from the skin, keeping the wearer dry and cool. Look for scrubs such as those found in the Natural Elements Dickies line, which are made out of a fabric that is light and moisture wicking, for ultimate comfort.
                No scrub is complete without a multitude of pockets for the various paraphernalia required by nurses at all times. Details such as cargo pockets with closures, pen pockets, and side vent pockets are just a few of those that are vital to nurses, but few scrubs manage to pack in enough pockets for everything. DickiesGen Flex scrubs are known as the Youtility line, offering a cargo pant that has nine pockets! When shopping for scrubs look for pockets that have reinforced stitching to prevent tears, and easily accessible pockets with closures. Also useful are bungee loops on which to hang ID cards and pockets that don’t gape, so as to prevent them from getting caught on various paraphernalia.
                Medical scrubs are probably the most washed and well-worn clothes in a nurse’s wardrobe – even more than jeans! It’s very important that the colors should hold up well and not fade. You also want to avoid white scrubs that become transparent. Some fabrics are better than others at stain removal; look for a scrub that has low-maintenance washing instructions and easy stain removal. Another great feature is a scrub that is wrinkle free and doesn’t need ironing. Some hospitals commercially launder their nurses’ scrubs. In such situations a scrub that isn’t durable will disintegrate from the strong chemicals used in the washing process.
                Every nurse has personal preferences when choosing a scrub, and should choose a style and fit that appeal to her. However, it’s important to keep in mind the practical aspects of what will make your nursing scrub wearable for years to come.

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