My First RN Job!!!

So I finally got my first job interview, after nearly two months of being an official RN. At first I was very hesitant about the hospital because it is a smaller community hospital and the managers told me some things that I wasn't particularly pleased with.
A few issues I had was that they still have paper charting...and I am pretty sure in 2014 or so all hospitals are supposed to switch over to computerized charting. They told me I may have to be the only nurse on the floor (after orientation of course) and that scared me. It is a small hospital so census cannot be that bad. They also told me I will have to take care of babies/children if I am floated to a different floor.
Now, let me say that I did put myself in this situation because I applied for the women's center but I only expected it to be maternity. I love kids, but sick kids are a no-no. What is funny is that when I was younger it was my dream to take care of babies or children. But as have I gotten older and had more experience working in hospitals I realized that babies/children aren't for me. And the killer is that I will have to be an aid and a clerk, because they don't utilize them........yeah. Talk about Primary Nursing, huh?
But long story short, they offered me a position in Pediatrics. I nearly fell off the chair when I heard that. I would have preferred something in maternity but I really think this is where God wants me to be. Also this is the ONLY hospital to call me and offer me a position. But more than anything, 6 months after graduation you become "unused" goods. No one wants a new grad that has been out of school for so long. And for me 6 months is June. I think I will kick myself in the booty if I don't take this position, even though it isn't my first choice, but it is my ONLY choice. And my huge school loans are going to start coming in and I need to have an income to start paying them. 
So I will be a Pediatric nurse for a while. I still want to work with adults in the ICU/Critical Care setting but I will do this for now until something else pops up.
I start orientation on the 23 of April and I am excited and scared/nervous at the same time. I will be working nights!! But as a new grad that is what you get. I will update you all on what happens in the upcoming weeks.

Wish me luck!


  1. Congrats Girl! You might really like working in Peds! You seem like a really patient person. If anything just remember that every moment is a learning experience and this will only help you on your way to becoming the best ICU nurse you can be! Get it girl!!! ;)

  2. Just found your blog through another one I read. Congrats on graduating...and bigger congrats on the new job!! I have worked in the PICU for the last 7 years, and just took a job as a PICU Nurse Practitioner and LOVE it! Working with kids is truly the best. Adults are bigger babies...and they have MUCH larger diapers to change : ) Again, congrats on the new job! I hope you love it as much as I do!

    1. Hi! Thank you, it has been a loonnngg time coming. I am just happy to finally put my skills and knowledge to use. And on the diapers comment..you couldn't be more right :D. Thank you for reading!